mental health support
Its OK to seek support for your mental health.

Living with mental health issues can be difficult without the right support. PsychWellbeingPlus is an independent mental health social network, which is organised and run by a dynamic team of experienced and practising mental health professionals. By providing reliable information and explanations on some of the myths and stigmas portrayed regarding mental health issues within our society, PsychWellbeingPlus aims to break the barriers often presented to people trying to access trustworthy mental health help and support.

Our central mission is to become the 21st century voice for mental health information and advocacy, reaching out to all corners of the world and touching the lives of those struggling with mental health issues; knowing you’re not alone can make a world of difference to somebody living with a mental health issue. Our website is designed to be user friendly and our team is always happy to help should you get stuck.

PsychWellbeingPlus provide several unique features on the website, including a list of common mental health issues with short essays for each that provide information and details of the symptoms, as well as evidence based self-help tips. Our community forum gives our visitors a starting point where they can open up, understand more about mental health and realise they’re not alone. Members can talk to other community members in a safe space or ask questions and get credible answers from our registered therapists.