Suicide is the act of taking or ending your own life. Those who commit suicide have varying reasons for doing so. It is normally those who feel that they cannot see any other way out of their particular situation, or that they cannot cope with something in there life any longer. People with depression and those who have been diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer are particularly vulnerable, as well as those who are alcohol dependent. People with certain mental health disorders including bipolar, depression, schizophrenia and anorexia nervosa are also more at risk. Other reasons can be those who have financial troubles and are in debt, someone who is isolated and lonely, those who have had a bereavement or those with long term illnesses and pain.

Usually they have a feeling of utter hopelessness and total despair, a worthlessness about their life. Methods that tend to use to commit suicide are either physical means for example hanging, or chemical means say by taking a drug overdose.

Many people think of suicide from time to time, however they do not go on to take their life. Some might think it is attention seeking, however anyone who threatens suicide should always be taken seriously.