Sleepwalker Disorder is known as Somnambulism and is characterised by a person rising from bed and walking around despite the fact that they are actually still in a deep sleep. Whilst in this phase they can move furniture, go to the toilet, or even leave the house and venture outside. Often they will just go back to bed, other times they can lie down elsewhere, however then when they do awake they have no memory as to how they actually got there. When sleepwalking the person may appear awake as their eyes are open, however they are in fact still asleep. You can speak but they will not hear or answer you, and although their eyes are open they will have a vacant blank stare. They have no recollection of these episodes when they do wake up.

Generally the episodes occur when the person is in a deep sleep, and they can last anything up to an hour. The general average of each episode of sleepwalking lasts between five to fifteen minutes. Sleepwalking tends to be more common in children between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

Sleepwalking Disorder can be dangerous, there is always the risk of a potential injury or having an accident whilst sleepwalking