Sleep Apnea or Sleep Apnoea is a sleep disorder. It causes an individual to have short spells through the night where their breathing is interrupted. This then can wake the individual and causes them to have a very disruptive sleep pattern.

The reason this happens is due to the muscles in the throat collapsing, this in turn can cause a narrowing or a blockage of the person’s airway. They will then stop breathing for usually around ten seconds. This causes the person to wake periodically from their deep sleep they were in and try to get their breath back. Usually sufferers of this have several episodes a night. Many times the sufferer will not recall these periods of wakening, if aware of it however it can be an extremely alarming experience. Most people with sleep apnea tend to snore very loudly and heavy breathe whilst asleep too.

Sleep Apnea can impair on a person’s health and their day to day life. It can cause those who suffer from it to develop high blood pressure and depression. Due to the extreme tiredness caused by the lack of sleep it can impair the person’s day to day life their concentration levels are dimmed, they can suffer from irritability and headaches. It can also lead to depression.