Sexual Aversion Disorder is a disorder characterised mainly by a person’s reluctance, fear, revulsion and total lack of desire to have sexual relations with anyone. This includes any kind of genital contact.

There are many reasons why people at times lose interest in sex at times for example after the birth of a baby, during the menopause, when they have lost their job or if they are having financial difficulties. These reasons normally cause a temporary lack of interest in sex and is completely normal.

Sexual Aversion Disorder is much more it is a strong dislike, an abhorrence of sexual intimacy completely. It can take different forms for example it may be the person has an aversion to the sight of their partner’s genitals, the smell of their body secretions or the sexual intercourse itself. Others have an aversion to even kissing and hugging.

The cause of this disorder can be related to a traumatic experience or could be relationship specific, where the person develops an aversion to their partner. It can also be related to religious, as well as cultural teachings.

Sexual Aversion Disorder is similar to Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. It can cause many problems in a person’s intimate relationships, and lead to many further problems including depression and anxiety.