Self-Injury or Self Harm is the act of causing deliberate harm to one’s own body. It is thought to be a coping strategy, a way of dealing with extreme distress and releasing tension. It can also be a cry for help. Each individual is different, as will be their reasons for self-injury. Most do not intend to die, it is simply a way of releasing their built up tension or a way to punish themselves.

There are a variety of reasons why people self-harm. It could be that they have been subject to emotional or physical abuse, or that they have financial worries. Personal relationship troubles, family breakdown or bullying can also be a factor.

Self-Injury is not done for attention, as when people do self-harm they go to great lengths to hide it. They often injure themselves in places that cannot be seen, or where it can be hidden by clothes. There are many ways that a person can hurt themself including cutting or severely scratching their skin, burning or scalding, punching, or deliberately starving themselves or binge eating. They will have other symptoms similar to depression like low mood and tearfulness, be withdrawn and generally have low self-esteem.

Self-Injury is dangerous as the person could seriously injure themselves.