Schizotypal Personality affects a person in the way they behave and act. They have peculiar beliefs as well as unusual behaviour. To others they can seem eccentric, and this makes it very difficult for them to form any kind of social life or to have any close friends.

It is associated with Schizophrenia, however those with Schizotypal Personality differ. Although they can have similar psychotic episodes they are not as intense and do not last as long as those with Schizophrenia. Similarly when they do hallucinate or become deluded during an episode they can be made aware of, and distinguish, the difference between their distorted way of thinking and actual reality. Those with Schizophrenia cannot, they are unmovable in their way of thinking during their episodes

They believe in special powers for instance telepathy and the paranormal, and tend to be extremely superstitious. Their conversation tends to be odd, and they tend to ramble endlessly during conversations. They also are extremely uncomfortable in social situations. This results in them tending to be very lonely people and they have a distinct lack of friends

Schizotypal Personality are at risk of developing other disorders like major depression. Due to their condition they also have difficulty with work, school and social situations.