Schizophrenia is a serious disturbing mental illness characterised by the person’s emotions, behaviour, thoughts and actions. They will experience episodes where their symptoms are severe, and at other times they will have few symptoms. It is usual for the symptoms to develop during adolescence, although at first it may not be apparent to those around them.

The symptoms in the main are delusions, where they believe someone is plotting to kill them (usually they think this is a family member or friend). They can believe someone is following them, or that someone is listening in on them. They have hallucinations where they see things that are not there, or imagine that they can hear voices talking to them, for instance from the television. The voices tend to be critical, abusive and can instruct them to do things. Their thoughts become chaotic, this is expressed when they then speak, and due to this they can very often be incoherent. Their behaviour itself can become totally unpredictable.

The cause of Schizophrenia is unknown although there are some theories as to why certain individuals develop this disorder, and also there are indications of certain triggers that can cause it to develop in that person.

Schizophrenia when in an acute phase is both dangerous for the person themselves, as well as for those around them.