Premature Ejaculation is when a man achieves orgasm either before, or very soon after penetration. There are both physical and psychological reasons for this occurring, either way it is very frustrating, embarrassing and distressing for the person suffering from this condition.

For many it is anxiety that can lead to this occurring. The reasons for the anxiety could be related directly to the relationship they have with their current partner, or it could be other worries and stresses they may have in their life.

For many it is apprehension about their sexual performance and not wanting to disappoint their partner, this then leads to the premature ejaculation – the very thing they did not want to happen. This is especially true for younger men, or those in a new relationship.They may be anxious and worried about something else that is causing problems in their life for example financial difficulties. Also if they have another health problem, for instance heart trouble, then this too can cause anxiety and be a reason.

Erectile Dysfunction can also be a factor, due to the person fearing that they will be unable to maintain their erection during sexual intercourse.

Premature Ejaculation can put severe stress and strain on personal relationships, it can also effect those who may be trying to conceive.