Oppositional Defiant Disorder is diagnosed in children who demonstrate repeatedly uncooperative, hostile, angry and defiant behaviour towards everyone in authority.
All children go through periods of defiance, however those with this disorder will have a continued pattern of unruly and disruptive behaviour both at home and at school.
The child will normally demonstrate symptoms when they are quite young, and they will gradually get worse.

A child with this disorder can be aggressive, vindictive and spiteful towards their peers, as well as being argumentative and defiant with adults. They will persistently antagonise and annoy people. They also tend to lay the blame on other people for their constant misdemeanours, and take no responsibility. They tend to find it hard to form friendships at school, and if they do will have difficulty maintaining the friendships they have made. They believe that they are the ones in the right, and that it is others who are wrong.

Those suffering from this condition quite often have another disorder like ADHD or depression also. There is no known cause for this condition; however there are factors that can influence the chances of a child developing this disorder.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder can affect the child’s education and their ability to make friends, it can also lead on to further mental health disorders.