Nightmare Disorder is a sleep disorder where a person suffers from repeated and frequent nightmares. The nightmares can be extremely frightening to the person and normally involve a threat to the person’s safety from someone or something. The person when they wake from the nightmare is very alert, and will have a vivid recollection of it. They will normally wake with symptoms of anxiety including a rapid heartbeat, sweating and they will be visibly shook up. They then have difficulty returning to sleep for fear that the nightmare will recur.

Everyone has a nightmare from time to time, but if the nightmares are constant then it most probably is nightmare disorder. There are many reasons why someone may get this disorder. It can be a side effect of some medications. Also you may be more prone if you have experienced a traumatic event, the death of a close relative, or if you are suffering from extreme stress or anxiety.

Nightmare Disorder is more common in children than adults. It can affect your daily life considerably whether at home, school or at work. The lack of sleep can impair your concentration, as well as your ability to carry out even simple tasks.