Nicotine Dependence is the addiction to tobacco products. The tobacco is inhaled straight into the lung by smoking it. The most popular method of inhaling the nicotine is by smoking cigarettes, mainly manufactured cigarettes. The other less common methods used are cigars, hand rolled tobacco or a pipe.

When tobacco is inhaled the nicotine causes temporary agreeable feelings both physically and mentally, enhancing the person’s mood. However nicotine dependence happens very quickly. Those that are dependent then need the nicotine regularly and find they cannot stop. When deprived of the nicotine they experience a very down low mood, feel very depressed, they become agitated and can become angry very easily. They can also suffer from insomnia.

Those who become dependent tend to start smoking at an early age. There are many influences that can start a person smoking including genetics, those whose parents smoke, and peer pressure from friends. Those who have an alcohol or substance abuse problem and those who suffer from certain mental illnesses for example Bipolar are also more prone to become dependent.

Nicotine Dependence is said to be one of hardest addictions to break. It also causes very serious health problems including lung as well as other cancers, as well as heart and circulatory problems.