Narcissistic personality disorder is a serious disorder. The person suffering from this personality disorder will be self-centred, have little or no empathy for others and have a need for constant praise and admiration. They come across to others as arrogant and unemotional. Some people are naturally confident and self-assured, however someone with this disorder crosses the boundaries of healthy self-confidence. They believe they are completely superior, and that everyone else is inferior in comparison.

In their world they believe that they deserve the best, and that they are entitled to the best. If they do not receive this, or they are not treat the way they think they should be they then react with anger and aggression. They are jealous of others, and believe other people are envious and jealous of them. They have inflated ideas of their power, success and achievements and often exaggerate their accomplishments. They tend to take advantage of others, and will often use other people to attain their own selfish goals. What is more they will have no remorse or guilt for doing this.

Symptoms normally begin to show in early adulthood, and it tends to be much more common in men than it is in women.

Those suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder tend to have relationship difficulties. They can be at risk from alcohol and substance abuse, depression and may have suicidal tendencies.