If you are suffering from Major Depressive Disorder you will feel very sad, down and extremely unhappy. It affects the way you think, how you behave and disturbs your sleep cycle. It stops you from enjoying things that were once pleasurable to you. You have a lack of interest in anything and everything, you have a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. It literally affects every single aspect of your life. This disorder can affect children, as well as adults.

The signs that someone may have Major Depressive Disorder are sadness, lack of enthusiasm for anything, irritability and angry outbursts. They may show changes in their appetite, have frequent thoughts of death and dying, as well as episodes of crying for no apparent reason.

There are many reasons why someone can acquire this disorder. It could be an inherited family trait, the death of a close relative, a hormone imbalance, a diagnosis of a serious illness like cancer, HIV or AIDS or even something relating back to their childhood that was very traumatic.

Major Depressive Disorder is a serious disorder. It can lead to social isolation, alcohol and substance abuse. It can also cause those suffering from it to feel suicidal, and harbour suicidal thoughts.