Inhalant Dependence is when a person continues to use inhalants despite the significant damage they know that it is causing them. In effect they become addicted to it.

The types of substances inhaled can vary and include a broad range of chemicals that are found in everyday products. These include glue, paint thinner, nail varnish remover, correction and lighter fluid. These are then inhaled in various ways. The main ways to take in the substances tend to be breathing them directly from the container, inhaling them from a bag, or by soaking a cloth in the substance then inhaling it from that.

The high that is obtained from the inhalation is very brief, so sufferer’s then tend to take it repeatedly over the course of a day. Due to this a tolerance can then be built up. They then need more to experience the high they originally got when first inhaling. This can causes them to become dependent.

Due to inhalants being readily available, and with no cost or minimal cost being involved, they are quite often used by those under sixteen or those who are living in poverty.

Inhalant Dependence is very dangerous, and has very serious health implications. It also seriously impacts on the sufferer’s day to day life.