Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is a deficiency, or a complete absence, of a desire to have sex or any type of sexual activity at all. The sufferer will generally have no sexual fantasies and have an aversion to any type of sexual relationship. The condition can occur for both medical, as well as psychological reasons. It may be general in the way that the person desires no sexual contact with anyone at all, or it can partner specific where the person feels an aversion because of the particular person they are with.

Those who tend to develop this disorder for psychological reasons tend to be individuals who suffer from, anxiety, depression, poor body image or low self-esteem. As well as those who may have conflicting fears and emotions about sex. It can also affect those who are frightened of rejection, so fear any intimacy at all. People who have suffered sexual abuse or any kind of emotional trauma can also be more prone to developing this disorder.

Medical reasons can include a hormone deficiency due to a medical condition, depression, diabetes, and the side effect of some medications.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is not gender specific and can happen equally to both men and women.