Histrionic Personality Disorder is when an individual needs to constantly be the centre of attention, regardless of where they are or who they are with. In order to achieve this status they tend to display a high degree of attention seeking behaviour and extreme emotions.

They tend to be very dramatic and are often seen as very shallow people, with no regard for anyone or for anything except themselves. They portray themselves as very seductive, and they tend to display these tendencies in totally inappropriate situations – for example when they are at work. They can be very manipulative and controlling people. Although they display extreme emotions, they can themselves be totally unemotional in regards to others, and have a total disregard to other people’s feelings. They will constantly seek approval or reassurance, and they are extremely sensitive to criticism of any kind.

The causes of this disorder are not known, however genetics and childhood events could be factors in a person developing this disorder.

Histrionic Personality Disorder can affect romantic, work and social relationships. It can also put the sufferer of this disorder at a greater risk than usual of suffering from depression.