Generalized Anxiety Disorder is characterised by feelings of excessive worry, nervousness and tension. With this disorder the person worries about the general things that other people do, finances, family problems, and work, however they worry to the extremes. They go about their day with a feeling of dread and in trepidation believing something very bad is going to happen, even though there has been no indicator to this effect.

The difference between normal worrying and Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the worrying becomes obsessive and extreme. It starts interfering with their day to day life, it is persistent and debilitating. It also interferes with their job and their social life. A person suffering from this will feel that their anxiety is totally uncontrollable; they are unable to relax and unwind, and start avoiding situations that do make them anxious.
It can also cause physical problems including muscle tightness, headaches, and panic attacks. It is both physically and mentally exhausting to the sufferer.

There are many causes of this disorder including substance or alcohol abuse, a traumatic experience, a bereavement, dealing with a physical illness or it can be hereditary.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder can affect both adults and children. It can often lead on to depression.