Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is the failure to either attain or to maintain sexual arousal. The sufferer may fail to maintain sexual desire and arousal not only physically, but mentally too. In definition it is the lack of genital swelling and lubrication before and during sex that is the cause of this disorder. A variety of reasons can inhibit this arousal.

The reasons that women can suffer from this disorder are many. They include both physical as well as psychological reasons, with the latter tending to be the main cause.

Physically a prolonged illness can be a reason. Illnesses that could cause this are diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy and vascular disease. All can cause a lack, or a total loss, of sensation in the genital area. Certain medications, childbirth, and a hormonal imbalance are other physical reasons.

Psychological reasons can be childhood trauma especially sexual abuse, poor body image which can cause the sufferer to have a low self-esteem and be self-conscious, as well as depression. The actual relationship the sufferer is in can also factor, especially if the relationship is abusive. Cultural and religious background can also be a cause.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder can affect and cause conflict in the relationships of the sufferer, as well as causing them to feel inadequate. If untreated it can eventually lead to the sufferer losing their sexual desire altogether.