Dyspareunia means painful sexual intercourse. It is a condition that causes pain before, during or after sexual intercourse. The problem can be either physical or psychological. It can affect men, but mainly tends to affect women. The pain can be mild to severe, and can be burning, ripping, tearing or an aching sensation. The pain can be in the genitals, the pelvic region or in the lower back.

One of the causes of Dyspareunia can be Vaginismus. This is a psychological condition where the vaginal muscles go into spasm. Pain on entry can be caused by insufficient lubrication, injury, trauma or irritation. Deep pain can be due to various illnesses and conditions for instance Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Endometriosis. Previous surgery or treatment could also cause deep pain.

Emotion and sexual intercourse go hand in hand, so if a person is suffering from any emotional problems then this too can cause the pain. This could be depression, anxiety, fear of intimacy, or stress. These conditions could all lead to a low level of arousal. These emotions can also make you tense, which in turn can make your muscles tighten therefore making intercourse painful.

Dyspareuia treatment depends on the primary cause.