Domestic Violence is any form of abuse, threatening, or violent behaviour between two adults within their home environment. One of the adults will be the abuser, the other the victim.

The main reason that most domestic violence occurs is that the abuser wishes to exert complete control over their partner, the victim. They do this by using threatening and violent behaviour towards the other, with the intent to intimidate the victim and cause the victim to fear them. This fear, once instilled, makes the victim less likely to go against their partner, and causes them to be submissive. Both men and women can become victims of Domestic Violence

The abuser generally forces the victim to become isolated from their family, and their social circle of friends too. The victim then has nobody to turn to, and lives a life of fear in their own home. The violence need not necessarily be physical. Victims can be subjected to emotional, verbal and sometimes sexual abuse too. Due to the abuse the victims self confidence and self worth is diminished. Domestic Violence has a real detrimental effect on any children who live in the home, and also makes them susceptible to abuse too.

Why people commit domestic violence is not really understood. There is a link between those who display certain characteristics, some mental disorders, and those who have a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

Domestic Violence can lead to serious injury, even death.