Disorder of Written Expression is one of the least understood learning disabilities. The disorder causes the person to have an inability to write coherently. Those suffering from this condition will be well below the standard of writing skills, which they would normally be expected to attain, for their given age. The sufferers find that they simply cannot form, or write letters and words. They are incapable of organising their words, the thoughts and ideas that they have in their mind, into constructive sentences that make sense.

This condition causes the person to have exceptionally poor handwriting, spelling skills and punctuation. There written compositions make no sense at all due to their inability to sequence words constructively. The sufferer can feel frustrated at this, show reluctance or refuse to do homework, display their frustration by acting up and suffer from anxiety.
As writing is an integral part of learning it makes it very difficult for the sufferer throughout their education. It also can make their school years very difficult, and cause them untold stress. The cause is unknown, and although some help can be offered the symptoms carry on into adulthood.

Disorder of Written Expression impacts constantly in their life, due to the many tasks daily where handwriting is required.