Developmental Coordination Disorder is also known as Dyspraxia. The disorder occurs in children and affects their motor development and coordination. The onset of symptoms may at first go unnoticed, and they are only generally observed when the child starts to not reach milestones that they should for their age. It has been called clumsy child syndrome. A child can have the condition solely, although some may have it in conjunction with another disorder for example Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Children with this disorder tend to learn to crawl, walk, run and climb much later than that of their peers. The symptoms vary greatly. Some children who have the disorder are unable to do simple things like tie their shoelaces or catch a ball, in others it can be an inability to form letters in handwriting or draw. Other possible symptoms can include difficult moods and behaviour, clumsiness, and hypersensitivity.

TDevelopmental Coordination Disorder can severely impair the child’s life academically, as well as in day to day tasks. They are prone to accidents and injuries. Symptoms continue into adult life, but do not get worse. There is no cure for DCD, although there are techniques that can help improve the condition