Dependent Personality Disorder is when a person becomes completely dependent on another and feels the need to be taken care of by that person. In general terms they would be described as clingy or needy. They tend to be submissive in relationships, and live in fear of the relationship ending. Due to this they also tend to stay in abusive relationships, rather than be alone. They believe they cannot survive on their own, so if a relationship does end they feel totally devastated and helpless. They are also quick to find another partner, due to their need to be taken care of and their fear of being alone.

Those with Dependent Personality Disorder have low self esteem, and they have a need for constant reassurance. They tend to avoid disagreeing with others for fear of losing their approval, and they will put the needs of the other before their own. They rely on the person they are dependent on to make daily as well as important life decisions for them. They are extremely hurt when criticised. There is no real known cause for this disorder.

Dependent Personality Disorder can lead to depression, alcohol and substance abuse, and make the sufferer susceptible to domestic violence, emotional and sexual abuse.