Delirium is a condition where the sufferer feels that they are in a state of total confusion and are completely disorientated. The onset of symptoms can be rapid; however the majority of those suffering from this condition will find that it is temporary. They return to normal fairly quickly. It can be a very frightening experience to those who do experience it, and for family and friends observing someone with it.

The causes of Delirium are many and can include a medical condition such as a urinary tract or chest infection, a very high temperature, or it can happen as a side effect to some medications. It can also occur in patients with pre-existing mental health conditions like Dementia, Anxiety or Depression. The misuse of alcohol and drugs can also be a cause.

The physical problems that present themselves when someone is Delirious mainly include the sufferer having hallucinations, hearing voices, being uncertain of where they are or what they are doing there, they imagine that people are trying to harm them, and they can appear very agitated. Their speech can be incoherent and they may have tremors. The person can become aggressive or violent

Delirium in the majority of sufferers is a short term problem. The exceptions to this can be those suffering from Dementia, where the symptoms of Delirium may not be curable but can be alleviated.