Cyclothymic Disorder is a mild form of Bipolar Disorder, or manic depression as it was previously known. In most sufferers the symptoms are mild so they often do not seek treatment, therefore it often goes undiagnosed.

The symptoms of the disorder are fluctuating mood swings. When on a high the sufferer feels excited, energetic, and completely optimistic. This period is also associated with increased sexual drive, and increased physical activity. They also have a decreased need for sleep.

At the other end, when their mood is low they feel down, although not severely depressed as with Bipolar Disorder. They have a lack of sexual desire, and a lack of motivation. They have problems concentrating, can very be self-critical and can feel very fatigued.

The causes of this disorder are unknown, but it is thought that there could be a genetic link. It is equally common in men and women. It also usually begins early in life. Some sufferers may go on to develop Bipolar, others will find that their symptoms just disappear, but for some it can be a lifelong condition.

Cyclothymic Disorder, although it has relatively mild symptoms, can still be debilitating. It can affect your day to day life, your work and personal relationships.