Conversion Disorder is a condition whereby, although there is no physical explanation, a person presents with paralysis, blindness or other neurological problems. Symptoms usually show immediately after a traumatic event or a stressful emotional conflict, which is believed to have affected the sufferer’s mental health. For example a sufferer could present with paralysis after the death of a parent. The trauma of the parent dying appears to manifest itself in the sufferer as actual physical symptoms. These symptoms do not last, and tend to be there for a short period of time.

There is no known cause for this disorder, as to why sufferers appear to use their bodies to express their emotional issues. It is thought that there are common factors amongst sufferers, for example more women seem to present with this disorder then men. It is also thought that those with who already have a pre-existing illness or medical condition, and those with personality disorders may be more prone to developing this disorder.

For most sufferers of Conversion Disorder symptoms tend to disappear within a short period of time, however for some they will get worse over time and for others symptoms may go but then return within a year.