Conduct Disorder is a serious behavioural and emotional disorder that occurs in children and teenagers. Those with Conduct Disorder do not conform in society at all, and they have trouble adhering to rules. They display very disruptive and violent behaviour.

The symptoms can vary in severity depending on whether the child has a mild, moderate or a severe form of the disorder. The main patterns of behaviour are aggression and cruelty towards people and animals, what is more they show no remorse or guilt for this. They deliberately violate the rights of others, and destroy their personal property willingly. They tend to lie, steal and often play truant from school. They also can become sexually active at a very young age.

The actual cause of Conduct Disorder is unknown, but there are several factors that can make a child more likely to develop the disorder. These include a difficult temperament, hyperactivity, depression, low self-esteem and children with reading and learning difficulties.

The severity of the symptoms of Conduct Disorder means that it significantly impairs on the sufferers education, social interaction and their life in general. Sufferers’ can also go on to develop further mental health disorders.