Cocaine Dependence is a psychological addiction, more than a physical one. Cocaine comes in the form of a white powder and it is typically taken by snorting it up the nose. It is also commonly known as coke, toot and freebase. Cocaine is a stimulant and acts quickly; however the effects of it are short lived. This, and the fact that users can build up a tolerance to it, is what leads most users to become dependent on it.

When a person takes Cocaine they feel exhilarated, more confident, have more energy and feel very alert. However some people can get over confident which can lead to them taking careless risks, which if they were lucid they would not do. This can be extremely dangerous.

Cocaine makes your heart beat faster, and can suppress your appetite. This can also be damaging and lead to health problems. The after effects of taking Cocaine, the come down period, can last for days. This makes it tempting for users to take more, and again this can lead to their addiction.

Those with Cocaine Dependence can suffer from severe paranoia, depression, aggression and tactile hallucinations. It can damage the cartilage in the nose, and can lead to many serious health problems.