Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder (CRSD) is a neurological disorder that affects your sleep patterns. It is a group of sleep disorders.

The Circadian Rhythm is your body’s clock which responds mainly to lightness and dark. Those suffering from this disorder find that their body clock and therefore their sleep patterns are totally out of sync. This affects their ability to get up for school, work and other daily commitments.
If you have two of the following symptoms then you could be suffering from this disorder. You have a difficult time getting to sleep, you tend to wake too early and cannot get back to sleep, or if you struggle to maintain sleep and often wake through the night.

One of the disorders within this group is Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. Those suffering from this aspect of CRSD find it difficult to go to sleep until very late at night. This results in them needing to sleep in until much later in the morning or the afternoon. This disorder is more common in adolescents and young adults.

Due to the sleep deprivation those suffering from Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder can often suffer from insomnia, depression and impaired work performance.