Child Abuse can take on several forms. The effects are not only physical, but mentally and emotionally damaging too.

Physical abuse is any act of violence towards a child. This includes hitting, kicking, and shaking. The result of physical abuse can be cuts, bruises, and to the more extreme long term physical or mental damage, and sometimes death.

Mental abuse is when a child is made to feel inadequate, and not good enough. It can also be when a child is subjected to constant shouting, criticism or they witness domestic violence in the home. This type of abuse contributes to a child’s total lack of self-worth and confidence.

Sexual abuse is when a child is forced or coerced into taking part in any form of sexual activity, whether this is with an adult or an older adolescent. This can include kissing, touching, oral sex or sexual intercourse. This can cause not only physical, but mental damage too. The child can go on to develop numerous psychological problems when they are older.

Neglect is when a child is left to fend for themselves or is not being looked after properly.

Any form of Child Abuse can have long lasting and damaging consequences for the child.