Cannabis Dependence is when a person cannot function normally without taking the drug on a frequent basis. It does not apply to those who experiment with it, or take it occasionally.

Like all drugs you can build up a tolerance to Cannabis. The user then has to constantly increase their intake, needing more and more to get the desired effect that they felt when initially taking it. This then leads on to addiction. Age can also be a factor in addiction. The younger the person is when they first smoke it, the more chance they will have of becoming dependent on it.

A person dependent on Cannabis will show signs of irritability, depression and will have trouble sleeping when they are unable to get the Cannabis. They will also demonstrate a constant desire to stop, or to cut down on their intake. However this is normally to no avail. They will spend a lot of their time buying it, using it and then recovering from their use of it. It can cause them financial problems with the amount they spend on obtaining the drug. Due to their dependence on it, it can cause conflict in their relationships with family and friends, interfere with their work, and their normal day to day activities.

Cannabis dependence can cause short term memory problems, mental health problems and respiratory diseases.