When someone close to us dies we need time to adjust to the loss, whether the death was expected or sudden it is still a major shock. A Bereavement, especially the death of someone you are very close to, is one of the most stressful and upsetting things that you will ever have to face in your lifetime. You need time to adjust, express your grief and to mourn your loss. There is no set time limit for Bereavement, everybody is different. There is no particular way to behave either, no right or wrong way of coping.

There are many emotions that you go through during a bereavement. The initial shock, is followed by unbelievable pain. Many people can shut down and go into denial, carrying on as if nothing has happened. Many experience a feeling of real anger at the person who has died for leaving them, or angry that they have been taken from them. Guilt is another emotion that many people feel. All of these emotions are completely natural.
You may find your friends distance themselves. This is difficult to understand, this is the time you need their support the most! This is not intentional, many people avoid these situations as they are at a loss and do not know what to say or do.

Your life will never be as it was after the Bereavement, but in time the pain you feel will lessen.