Autism disorder affects your ability to communicate and relate with others. It also affects the way that you perceive the world around you. Autism is one of the forms in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), two others being Asperger’s and Retts Disorder. They all have different forms of severity, but the symptoms for each are very similar.

Children with Autism can often be seen, by those unaware of their condition, as ‘naughty’. This is an easy misconception to make, as a lot of people with autism do not display any physical signs of having the disorder.

A child with Autism will display an aloofness, be unable to make friends and prefer to be on their own. They have problems with language and communicating. They can say odd things, repeat things and go into a long winded conversation when a single one word answer would have sufficed. The main area of difficulty to someone living with autism is social communication and interaction. Other signs and symptoms include unusual physical behaviour for example twisting their fingers and hands, or maybe rocking back and forth.
Some children with Autism Disorder may also have learning disabilities; again this can be to varying degrees. Depending on the severity, some people with Autism can live alone whereas others will need a lifetime of care.