Asperger’s Disorder, or Asperger’s Syndrome, is a mild form of Autism. Normally, the symptoms of the disorder first appear in childhood. The early signs to look out for include the child appearing to be insensitive, failing to develop friendships with children of their own age and showing little or no empathy toward others.

When holding a conversation with someone with Asperger’s, it may seem all one sided and they make very little or no eye contact at all. They may have a very long winded conversation with you and be oblivious to the fact that you may be not listening at all! Indeed this is totally irrelevant to them anyway.

They tend to have an obsession with one or two topics, or subjects. Their focus is restricted to these topics solely. They may have a repetitive routine that they adhere to, but the routine they are performing has no real purpose. However they are stringent, will not be swayed away from carrying out this routine, and adhere to it regardless.
Their interaction may seem strange, for example they may scream at another child and then get perplexed at the child’s reaction to this. They have no problems with language, but have great difficulty in understanding humour. Some can show outstanding skills with creativity, numbers or memory.