Anger is an emotion that affects us all at some point in our lives. When we feel annoyed or upset, it is a natural human reaction to feel angry; it allows us to vent our frustration at certain situations. Being angry allows us to convey our disapproval at a specific event, acting as a release. Most people can control their anger and know when to be rational or remain logical in stressful circumstances. However if you cannot control the emotion, it is possible you have an anger problem. Not being able to control the feeling of anger can lead to other health problems.

Anger and aggression are two separate things. Anger is the emotion we feel and aggression relates to the way some people express this feeling. Aggressiveness is linked to behaviour and the way we act, rather than the way we think. Anger that turns into aggression or rage can be both violent and destructive to a person mentally, physically and socially.

Uncontrollable anger can cause harm to those around you, as well as to yourself. It can lead to further mental health problems, related to stress, anxiety and depression. A person suffering from Anger Problems can also vent their feelings by self harming. Anger problems can affect your body physically. It can cause issues such as high blood pressure and heart problems. It can also have a very damaging effect on your relationships with those close to you such as family, friends and work colleagues.