Amphetamine Dependence is when a person becomes dependent on any type of stimulant drug. Stimulants act like adrenaline and speed up the body’s central nervous system. Users will become more energetic, talkative and excited after taking them.
Many users take them initially to stay awake, or to have more energy. They are taken by either snorting, injecting or smoking, although some do come in tablet form. Regular use means that users can build up a tolerance to the drug. The user then needs to take more and more to get the desired affect that they initially had when first taking the drug. This can then lead to dependency.

When a person is dependent on amphetamines it can be either a psychological, or a physical dependence. Either way the need for the drug is just the same, and both will lead to the same detrimental effects to their health and their life in general. They can suffer hallucinations and paranoia. It causes problems with their relationships, with family, friends and at work. There is also the risk of legal action due to aggressive behaviour whilst using, or in trying to obtain the drugs.

Amphetamine dependence long term effects are many and can include sleeping disorders, depression, aggression as well as other mental health issues.