Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive disease, and the most common cause of Dementia. Initially the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are mild, and therefore in the early stages it is sometimes very hard to diagnose. It can begin with just general forgetfulness, mood swings and problems with recalling simple things like names or words. These signs of course can also be associated with generally getting older, but when it starts happening regularly on a daily basis then it may be the onset of Alzheimer’s

As the disease progresses the symptoms gradually get worse. The sufferer will begin to not recognise familiar people; start to appear disorientated and confused. They will demonstrate personality, as well as behavioural changes. They will be unable to handle day to day tasks, and be unable to take care of themselves properly.
Eventually those who suffer from this disease will need constant care, as it will become unsafe for them to live on their own.

The condition generally occurs in people over the age of 65; however this is not always necessarily the case. The actual cause of Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown, however those at higher risk of developing the disease include those with a family history of the disease, those who have had a head injury and lifestyle factors have also been associated with it.